Get 1-1 Help From A Community Of Mentors & Experts To Scale Your SaaS & Build A Business You Love. 

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YES! I’m ready to get help to scale to my next $1MM, $5MM, $10MM+ WITHOUT wasting months (even years) getting the wrong advice, spinning my wheels and wasting my time, money and resources on “growth hacks” that don’t work. I’m getting instant access to an elite group of SaaS founders, experts and successful business leaders that will help me navigate my unique growth challenges in whatever stage I’m at.

I’m ready to surround myself with generous, visionary and powerful Leaders doing 6-7 figures (or more) in their businesses. I understand that this is the ONLY community like this in the world…


And if I get accepted I will be one of the very few who will have access to a wealth of advice, knowledge and help from leaders from all over the planet with revenues of $1MM - $50MM.


Here’s what I’ll get access to if I join SaaS Visionaries:





Every month I’ll jump on a live Zoom call with one of the world’s leading authorities, authors and experts and learn:



  • How to negotiate like a pro in life and business w/ Chrisine McKay
  • $4.88 Demo Appointments Using Facebook Ads with Adam Araujo
  • 5 Strategies to 3x Growth with Dan Kuschell


Every month I’ll be able to ask Aaron any questions related to growth, scaling, conversions, reducing churn and most importantly how to LEVERAGE what I currently have to increase revenue.


Aaron will look at my systems, onboarding, pricing, conversion process, copy, ideal customer profile, and give me actionable advice that I can use immediately to grow and scale faster.


Aaron currently coaching packages start at $5,000/mo for coaching, but I’ll get his 1-1 time every month included as part of SaaS Visionaries.






I’ll be able to join a specific community based on where I’m at in my growth, surrounded by people who have the same challenges as I do and who have solutions to my unique situation.


These pods will be verified by the admins to ensure only founders in my same growth stage are allowed to join.


I’ll be able to drop in this community any time with a question, challenge, issue, or idea that needs brainstorming. In a few minutes, my inbox will be full of answers from suggestions, ideas, advice, and wisdom. 



Instead of combing through thousands of posts, I’ll join ONLY the communities that are most interesting to me, including: 

  • SEO
  • Funding
  • Content
  • Conversions
  • Generating more traffic
  • Lead Generation
  • Inbound & Outbound Sales
  • Hiring and Managing Teams
  • Partnerships

I can even set up notifications to get alerted when new posts, comments show up so I never miss anything on a topic that’s important to me.


- Raheem, Founder

- Ron, Founder, Zubbit

- Christina, Founder



SaaS Visionaries is $149/mo.
Your membership Includes:

  • Direct access to highly skilled experts to build, grow and scale your SaaS
  • Monthly 1-1 Calls with Aaron Krall to help you make major breakthroughs and get customized help
  • Private, topic focused communities to get help from experts
  • LIVE calls explaining in-depth growth and scaling strategies
  • AMAs with SaaS Founders and skilled entrepenuers
  • Recordings of every training and call to watch whenever you want
  • BONUS: Curated list of every tool you need to grow and scale your SaaS ($197 VALUE)
  • BONUS: Recorded interviews of SaaS Founders $1MM+ and their exact, step-by-step strategies for scaling from $0-$50K MRR in 90 days ($497 VALUE)
  • BONUS: FREE license for your Co-Founder ($149/mo VALUE)
  • BONUS: More Users Now Workshop - 6 Strategies To Get More Paying Users in the next 30 Days Without Spending A Penny On Ads ($1,500 VALUE)

$149/mo after your 30-day trial

When you join as one of the first 100 Founding Members, you’ll not only get more of MY time and help on your specific challenges, but you’ll work closely with me to refine, dial in and mold the structure of the community so you get even more value from it.


I’ll listen closely to your suggestions and ideas and implement them as long as they fit with the vision of creating the world’s #1 group of SaaS Founders and Leaders. 

As a Visionary, you’ll also get access to special discounts, offers, deals, resources, courses, templates, frameworks and more that will help you scale even faster. 

There is NO monthly commitment - that puts the burden on ME to deliver actionable, clear, focused value that results in your growth as an entrepreneur, founder and visionary.


You’ll be one of the first 100 Founding Members, so please understand that the community will not be developed yet.


As the community continues to grow, you’ll see more and more engagement.


For now, I’ll be much more involved as a group facilitator and manager which means you’’ll get more of MY personal help and guidance until the community grows. 


Limited Founding Member Spots Available.



SaaS Visionaries is $149/mo or $1,500 for the year for the next 20 members. The price will go up when the first 100 Founding Member slots are filled. Right now we are at 67 members. 

Yes, you have 30 days to try SaaS Visionaries. If you aren't 100% happy for whatever reason, you'll get a full refund 

Yes, after you apply your application will be reviewed and we will let you know if you qualify. 

Shoot us an email at

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